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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
1115142714312646942636962115William TsovolosSt George2017/2018Second Grade5 1Rockdale RSL
211467026912646942636977114*Nicholas CAROSISt George2017/2018Second Grade10 1Rockdale RSL
3666667241264694263696866AVIRUP R SARKARSt George2017/2018Second Grade7 1Penshurst West
46014270961264694263696860Christopher LeontiosSt George2017/2018Second Grade7 1Penshurst West
5596702691264694263696259*Nicholas CAROSISt George2017/2018Second Grade5 1Rockdale RSL
6576702691264694263695357Nicholas CAROSISt George2017/2018Second Grade2 1Penshurst West
7565885021264694263698256Amit . SarkarSt George2017/2018Second Grade12 1South Hurstville / Carss Park
8535885021264694263699153Amit . SarkarSt George2017/2018Second GradeSF 1South Hurstville / Carss Park
95314270961264694263698953*Christopher LeontiosSt George2017/2018Second Grade14 1Rockdale RSL
10529650311264694263694852Afm MARUFSt George2017/2018Second Grade1 1De La Salle Kingsgrove
11515885021264694263698051Amit . SarkarSt George2017/2018Second Grade11 1Penshurst West
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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